Complete Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners | Learn How to use Photoshop?

In this complete adobe photoshop tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to use photoshop and other basic to advanced photoshop skills. This photoshop tutorial in Hindi is the best photoshop course if you are learning photoshop skills.

Photoshop is used in every industry, and it plays a vital role in the digital marketing of any industry. The entertainment industry also relies on photoshop skills heavily.

After watching this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use photoshop and make money online from photoshop. Learn photoshop from this free tutorial course and get skilled in the field.

Content explained in this adobe photoshop tutorial –
👉 Introduction to adobe photoshop
👉 Shape tools explained
👉 Various tools
👉 Using text tools
👉 Color picker
👉 Cartoon banner
👉 Hand and rotate the view
👉 Creating product banner
👉 Cropping perspective slice
👉 Website designing
👉 Designing a website wireframe
👉 Mastery in PEN tool
👉 Brush tool
👉 Logo designing
👉 Designing animated GIFs
👉 Eraser tools
👉 Designing Visiting cards
👉 Later style or Blending option

In this detailed adobe photoshop tutorial in Hindi, you will learn photoshop, as it is the best photoshop course on the internet. It will take you from photoshop basics to the pro level of adobe photoshop.

Timestamps are down below for making you go smooth in the adobe course tutorial.

00:00:00 | Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
00:00:34 | Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
00:16:54 | Introduction to Adobe Photoshop – Part 2
00:51:40 | All Shape Tool Explained
01:18:41 | Move Tool
01:30:57 | Marquee Tool
01:54:16 | Lasso Tool
02:10:29 | Quick Selection & Magic Wand Tool
02:21:25 | How to Use Text Tool
02:55:51 | Gradient Tool
03:05:46 | Color Picker
03:13:56 | Cartoon Banner
03:34:15 | Hand and Rotate view
03:38:58 | Create Product Banner
04:02:45 | How to Crop Perspective Slice
04:15:40 | Website Design
04:49:20 | How to Design a Website Wireframe
05:41:15 | How to Design Website Homepage as per Wireframe
06:39:50 | How to Design Website Mock|Up
07:16:04 | Mastery in PEN tool
07:44:14 | How to Use Brush Tool
08:14:32 | How to Design a Logo
08:37:13 | How to Design Animated GIF Image
09:02:18 | How to Design Animated GIF Image | Part2
09:28:38 | How to use Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool
09:51:58 | How to Design Visiting Card
10:47:28 | Layer Style | Blending Option
11:22:52 | Layer Style or Blending Option

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