Colors Background | Illustrator | Tutorial

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☑️ Important shortcuts:
(A) Direct Selection tool
(V) Selection tool
(Ctrl+Z) Undo
(Shift+Ctrl+Z) to Redo
(Ctrl+D) Transform Again
(Shift+Ctrl+M) Move
(Ctrl+G) Group
(Shift+Ctrl+G) Ungroup
Hold (Space) To navigate
(Ctrl+A) to Select all and
(Ctrl+2) to Locked
(Ctrl+Alt+2) to unlock all
(Ctrl+3) to Hide
(Shift+Ctrl+3) to Show all
(Shift+Ctrl+[) Send to Back
(Ctrl+[) Send Backward
(Shift+Ctrl+]) Send to Front
(Ctrl+]) Send Froward
(Shift+X) Swap Fill & Stroke
(Ctrl+C) Copy & (Ctrl+F) Paste in Front
(Ctrl+C) Copy & (Ctrl+B) Paste in Back
(Ctrl+V) Paste
(Ctrl+7) Make Clipping Mask

? If the video is a bit fast, use the playback speed button
in the video to change the speed like 0.75-0.50.

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