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Ladies, Gentleman, Sheep. In this tutorial I clear up some misconception about color *correcting* and go over how to properly do so in an orderly fashion. We’ll be using After Effects CS6, and the plugin that comes with all latest versions of AE called Color Finess. Version 3 in this video, but older versions will also work just fine. I work with some TechniColor CineStyle footage from a Canon EOS 550D, but also go through how to apply this to 3D renders.

Download TechniColor CineStyle for Canon DSLR’s: – Subscribe for weekly tutorials!

Here we have a tutorial on how to recreate a very simple and basic introduction in After Effects, however don’t let the simplicity put you off. The show Southland which airs on TNT uses this introduction, and I happen to like it a lot! Of course tastes differ, but here’s how you can recreate the Southland intro from scratch.

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Tags: Color Correction in After Effects, CS6, Color Finess 3, RGB Waveform Monitor, color correction, balancing colors in ae, color balance

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