Cloning Tutorial on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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This is a tutorial on how to create a cloning effect on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This video is part of a trilogy of tutorials. This trilogy is made to show what I have learned through my personal project journey.

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My personal project journey started with my passion for watching interesting, informative and well edited videos. This passion was developed primarily through watching YouTube videos and advertisements which capture powerful messages delivered in a smart manner. Provoked by this passion, I decided to challenge myself with the goal of using advanced video editing techniques to create an engaging video. My plan is to create tutorial videos, on how to use special effects. My global context for this project is ‘Scientific and Technical Innovation’. This topic focuses more on the ‘Technical’’ aspect of the global context. Specifically, it concentrates on the impact of the technical innovation on communities and environments. Based on my personal interest and passion, this is what I have chosen and I am looking forward to overcome my challenges and increase my knowledge.

– Dhruv Agarwal

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