CLONE EFFECT – DIY motion control and After Effects | Tutorial

Learn how to do a DIY motion control CLONE EFFECT with a regular slider in our latest tutorial!

A ‘clone’ effect where one actor interacts with themselves in a static shot is easy enough, as seen here:

BUT… this is a low budget attempt at recreating a ‘motion control’ clone effect where the camera is still able to move, as seen in Back to the Future Part 2 / Part 3 and the Man in the Iron Mask. For extra points, one clone walks fully around the other. We did ours with no budget and without proper motion control, using a timed slider move and a visual reference for the pan. See our finished effect here:

In Back to the Future Part 2 this was done at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) with a computer-controlled device called the VistaGlide, which could perfectly replicate the same camera movement multiple times. I don’t know what they used for Iron Mask, but it could have been a similar system.

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