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Professional Titling can separate an amateur from a professional, that it is extremely important that you understand the how titling can affect your videos. If you look at any interview, commercial, or even documentary, you will notice that text appears at the bottom of the screen labeling the person speaking and showing the viewer some details about the person or subject. It is not only about the text, but it is also about how the text appears.

Let me introduce you to the world of “Lower Thirds.” Why are they called “Lower Thirds.” It is actually a very literal meaning. If you have gone to film school or read any basic film studies books, you will know the term “Rule of Thirds.” Basically, our framing of shots is split up in 3 different sections call the thirds. The reason why it is called the “Rule of Thirds” is because this is a simple rule or even a guideline that helps filmmakers frame their shots in order to make it look more cinematic or film like. “Lower Thirds” is placed on the lower third of the shot hence its name.


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