Clayton Walker Demo Reel 2019

• 0:06-0:11- I tracked the drone footage in 3D space and composited different trees into the scene to mimic a different time of year than when shot. The tracking and compositing were done in Nuke X and the color grade done was done in Premiere Pro. Link to the entire piece can be found here: Kia Car Commercial
• 0:11-0:14- I composited the window and glass shards into the footage using Nuke X. Color was done later in Premiere Pro.
• 0:15-17- The crowd was simulated in Houdini 16 using motion capture data to drive the animation.
• 0:19-0:21- The flames and smoke were simulated in Houdini 17, the model was done in Maya, and the textures were created in Substance Painter.
• 0:22-0:27- I set up a fully art directable shatter effect on the statue inside of Houdini 16. I also added pyro and debris elements in Houdini.
• 0:28-0:32- The projection map was created by splitting up a single image in photoshop and projecting it onto geometry in Cinema 4D to create the effect.
• 0:33-0:42- I captured this shots using the REDLog color space and graded them inside of Premiere Pro.
• 0:43-0:46- I animated all of the assets in After Effects for this piece.
• 0:46-0:50- I animated and rigged all of the assets inside of After Effects.
• 0:50-0:53- I 3d solved the scenes and integrated the text into the shots using After Effects.
• 0:53-0:57- Shot and edited the video for a class project. The video advanced on to the national round of the American Advertising Federation ADDY awards.

Duration: 64

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