Cinema 4D Lite Tutorial – Create 3D text titles in After Effects with C4D Lite – Sean Frangella

In this Cinema 4D Lite and After Effects 3D text tutorial, learn to create a 3d text and 3d text animation in after effects using Cinema 4D Lite. This After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite text tutorial covers how to create custom text, assign materials in Cinema 4D Lite, and connect the Cinema 4D Lite text project to After Effects CC with Cineware.

This After Effects 3D text tutorial also gets into creating 3d letter by letter text typography animations in Cinema 4D Lite using MoGraph, and Mograph Effectors. In Cinema 4D Lite you can create 3D text animations by animating the strength and falloff of MoGraph Effectors, such as the Plain and Random Effector on MoText Objects.

This Cinema 4D MoGraph technique allows you to animate the position, scale, and rotation of each letter in 3D space using only a couple sets of keyframes. You can then adjust the shape and animation of the falloff on each MoGraph Effector to create the letter by letter Cinema 4D 3D text animation.

This tutorial also covers additional Cinema 4D MoGraph and MoText techniques for creating 3D text animation, and other tips and tricks for creating 3D text in After Effects using Cinema 4D Lite.

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