Cinema 4D and After Effects Tutorial – Creating 3D Isometric Animations

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create 3D isometric style animations inside of both Cinema 4D and After Effects!

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Creating Isometric Animations in Cinema 4D and After Effects Topics Include:
• Easily creating a maze using a Maze Generator Website (
• Differences between Isometric and Parallel cameras in Cinema 4D
• Creating an Isometric Camera inside of Cinema 4D that is compatible with compositing elements in After Effects using Cineware
• Using Cineware to composite 3D elements with 3D layers in After Effects
• Learning how to create an Isometric Camera completely inside of After Effects
• Using Extruded Shape Layers in After Effects using the Cinema 4D Renderer
• Tip and tricks for creating an animation using an Isometric Camera

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