Choose the best Graphics Card for Photoshop CC 2019

In this video we look at how to go about choosing the right graphics card for use with Photoshop CC 2019.
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RECOMMENDATIONS: updated September 2020 for Photoshop 2020

Highest Recommendation
(All round best value and most versatile – 10 bit support with nVidia Studio drivers)
nVidia GTX 1660 – best entry level card – good price to performance ratio

Budget card Recommendation
nVidia GTX 1650 – Adobe’s recommended minimum card for Photoshop 2020

Laptops for Photoshop
NVIDIA Quadro and Geforce Laptops – (Adobe’s recommended card is nVidia Quadro T1000)

GPUs that are compatible with nVidia studio drivers

GTX 1050 through to GTX 1080ti and TITANS
GTX 1650 and 1660 and 1660 Super and 1660 Ti
RTX 2060 through to RTX 2080ti and TITANS
RTX 3070 through to RTX 3090
Nvidia Quadro Cards

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Duration: 00:11:33