Chips Text effect Tutorial in Photoshop

Process of Chips Text effect
1. Open a working table top background
2. Type your name With LOT Fonts the Chips texture on your Document
4.Place The texture layer under the text layer
5.Set The tracking of the text from Character window
6.Press CTRL and Click on the layer thumbnail of text layer to select the text area
7.Hide the text layer or you can Delete it on the texture layer and press CTRL + J
9.Delete the texture Layer
10.Select area of individual letters and press Shift Ctrl + J to layer via cut
11.Adjust the Position and Orientation of those letters
12.Now Apply Layer Style on any of the Letter. You have to apply bevel and emboss, drop Shadow, Gradient overlay and innershadow
13.Copy layer style from the applied layer and paste layer style on others letter’s layer
14.Select Hard eraser tool and adjust the spacing of the brush strokes from brush panel.
15.Adjust letter edges with eraser tool

Thank you

Duration: 00:11:07