Cheap Tricks | Recreate a Druun Entirely in After Effects – No Plugins! (and FREE Template!)

Greetings from Kumandra! We’ve just released our resident Action Movie Dad’s latest tutorial, showing you how to recreate the organic look of the Druun from “Raya and the Last Dragon” entirely within Adobe After Effects! (With and without plugins!)

In this tutorial, Daniel “Hashi” Hashimoto will show how the fractal family of filters can combine with CC Sphere to create volumetric and chaotic smoke and slime – and a unique way to utilize the Essential Graphics panel for visual effects – all with native AE effects!

Or, if you want to do it WAY FASTER, Hashi shows how to utilize Trapcode Form, Universe, and Supercomp to create and composite a Druun into your scene in record time.

Download the project files and PNG sequences here:

VFX Supercomp:
Trapcode Form:
VFX Optical Glow:
Video Copilot FX Console:

Table of Contents:
1:20 – Starting with seamlessly tileable patterns
4:32 – Baby’s first sphere (the slime ball)
6:09 – Essential Graphics for awesome assembly
9:00 – Glow, CC, and some distortion
12:03 – Volumetric smoke (with native effects)
13:15 – Cheat for tileable Fractal Noise
15:55 – Fake volumetric trick
21:30 – Adding our smoke to our slime
22:09 – Fake lighting trick
25:12 – External splashes and smoke tendrils
29:54 – Making a splash circle
33:59 – Duplication trick for added complexity
37:22 – Combining our splash circle with the main ball
41:06 – Mesh Warp to sit it on ground
42:25 – CC Vector Blur for a more liquid look
43:52 – Compositing with Supercomp
45:20 – Faster/easier Trapcode solution
49:48 – AE philosophy

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Duration: 00:50:52