Cheap Tricks | Infinity And Beyond (Avengers: Infinity War Disintegration Tutorial)

Learn how to Thanos your loved ones and bring perfect balance to the planet with Hashi’s latest Cheap Tricks episode, “Infinity And Beyond,” in which he shows you how to achieve the disintegration effect seen in Avengers: Infinity War!

Download the project files here:

0:20 – Introduction “Turn to Dust”
1:15 – Template Giveaway
2:06 – Thanos, Bounty Hunter
3:18 – Disintegration Overview
4:46 – Template of Doom
5:25 – All about Expressions
6:28 – Using Markers in Expressions
11:24 – Smart Mattes
13:21 – Layer Emitters in Particular
16:00 – Shatter, my old friend.
17:10 – Pseudoeffects, and Controller Layers
19:30 – Dustify Controls
20:35 – Thanos is a jerk.

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