Change Skin Color – Photoshop Tutorial

1. Open a picture
2. Select the Quick Mask Mode (you will find this button on the bottom of the tool palette)
3. Make sure that the color you’re using is black #000000
4. Select the Brush Tool
5. Color in the skin. Yes, it’s red. This will be your selection.
6. When you’re done, click on the Quick Mask Mode button again. You now have a selection.
7. Choose the Magic Wand or another selection tool and right-click on the image. Select: Select Inverse. You have selected the face right now.
8. Go to Image – Adjustments – Replace color
9. Select the skin.
10. Play with the bars to get the color that you want. Use the video above as reference.

full dutch tutorial:

music: wizet / nexon (maplestory)

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Duration: 00:03:12