Change Font and Font Size in Adobe InDesign

Learn the basics of formatting text in Adobe InDesign, including changing font and font size, understanding the difference between character and paragraph formatting, and saving text formatting as a style.
Explore basic text formattings such as Adobe fonts and font size.
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What you learned: Change font and font size
• Select text with the Type tool in the toolbox or select a text frame with the Selection tool to apply the same formatting to all text within a frame.
• In the Properties panel to the right of the document, see formatting options such as font, font size, and more, or choose Type / Character to open the Character panel.
• When selecting a font in the Font Family menu, click Find More to find and sync an Adobe font to your computer. To show only the Adobe fonts, filter the font list by clicking Show Activated Fonts. You can also choose a font style associated with the selected font, such as bold, from the Font Style menu.
• Change the font size by choosing a size from the menu, typing in a value, or clicking the arrows to the left of the field.

Duration: 00:08:03