Change Background Colour in InDesign

Learn how to change the background colour of an InDesign document.

Changing a document’s background colour is not done via an option. Instead, it is done via the manual method of dragging out and colouring a rectangle that covers the entire page. This rectangle must be arranged behind all of the other content on the page. If using a bleed, ensure that this background rectangle extends all the way to the edges of the bleed.

Within the Swatches panel is a default entry called Paper. Changing the values of this swatch appears to change the document background colour. However, this is a display only option that is visible only within InDesign. This background colour does not, for example, appear in any exported PDFs. This option is used to aid the design process for anyone creating InDesign content that is to be printed on coloured paper.

Duration: 00:05:48