CELLSHADING 3 – Practicing Cell Shading in Photoshop for Animation

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In previews videos we learned about cell shading, and now, in this tutorial I will show you how to practice what you have learned so far.

Hi Mark Diaz here for 2DAnimation101 dot com. In this short video you will learn:
– The slight difference between Cel Shading and Soft Shading
– Then we will practice Cell Shading in Photoshop, and then,
– I will show you how to practice using a Character from CrazyTalk Animator 3.

First let’s understand the difference between Cell Shading and Soft Shading.

Cel Shading is when you have hard shadows, using 2 or 3 tones, and Soft shading is when you have soft shadows.

Cell Shading is commonly used to refer to both styles. There are tutorials that teach soft shading but they are called Cell Shading.

Sometimes you see it spelled with double LL (“Cell”), and sometimes with only one L (“Cel”).

Are people using the concept wrongly?

Not necessarily, the concept comes from 3D Rendering referring to a style that shows the shadows as if it was a cartoon. Cell Shading is also known as Cartoon Shading.

So, now that you know the difference, let’s practice this a bit.

If you want to fallow along you can click on the link in the description, or just type in your browser 2d101.com/practice1

Once you download it you will get a PSD file called Cell Shading Exercise 2 – Face

With the file open, let’s add shading to the face.

I select the face.

Create a new layer on top of it.

Right click and make it clipping mask

Then, in fast forward, with a hard brush, I pick a darker color for the skin and draw a shadow as it’s shown in the GOAL of this exercise.

Then I can do the same for the hair.


And if I want to practice even more, I can go to CrazyTalk Animator 3.
– Pick a character.
– Open Composer Mode.
– Launch Photoshop.

And practice with that character.

Having CrazyTalk and Photoshop opens room for endless practice until you become an expert.


Thanks for watching.
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