CELLSHADING 2 – How to do Cell Shading for Animation

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How do you apply cell shading for your animations? Well, in this tutorial we will learn:

– The 4 basic rules for cell shading and
– The 5 steps to do Cell Shading in Photoshop

Hi this is Mark Diaz for 2DAnimation101 dot com, and in this short video I will show you how to improve your images using Photoshop and CrazyTalk Animator.

Let’s start by learning the rules.

There are:
4 Basic Rules for Cell Shading

1. Draw inside the image – In Photoshop, this is very easy to do, just create a Clipping Mask layer and you can draw without worrying about spilling outside the image. I will show you how to do this in a minute.
2. Draw softly – For this, you just need to set up your brush with Low hardness, and low flow.
3. Explore brushes – There are many brushes that give you different textures for your images, so you should explore them all, one by one.
4. Using Images Texture – For this, you need to use your images in black and white, by lowering the saturation to zero, and then using blending modes, such as multiply, overlay, screen or the ones that make the texture look great.

Very good. Now that you know the 4 basic rules, let’s learn how to apply Cell Shading to one of the characters of CrazyTalk Animator.

As we learned in the previous tutorial, you just select it, open it in composer mode, and then Launch Photoshop.

Now, let’s learn the:
5 Steps to apply Cell Shading in Photoshop

1. Select the layer you want to add shadows and highlights to in Photoshop
2. Create new layer on top of it
3. Make it a Clipping mask, by right clicking on the layer, in the layer’s panel, and selecting clipping mask from the menu.
4. Set up your brush to draw very softly, with low hardness and also, set it with low flow.
5. Draw very softly on the clipping mask. For this, use a darker color for the shadow. Or use a lighter color for the highlights.

That’s it, then you repeat that process for all the layers of your character, and then… you have a fully shaded character.

Now you know the basic rules for cell shading, and you also know how to do it in photoshop and CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline.
Thanks for watching.
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