Celebrating Women in the Creative Industry

From the very beginning of receiving my final major project brief, I knew that I wanted to work to my strengths and work with something that I love; using motion graphics to communicate an important message or information. As part of ‘Year of the Woman’, I wanted to contribute something that was within our community of creatives. This video is intended as a celebration of our wonderful women in this industry, and not as an act of sympathy. Combining the theme of the celebration of women, an amazing cast, and crew as well as my personal set goals throughout the project, it has resulted in a piece that I not only love and enjoyed making, but am extremely proud of.

This project has shown me that I am more than capable of recruiting and directing a team of people to work with so that I can use a combination of footage and motion graphics. We shot over 2 days for about 8 hours a time and I had more footage than I knew what to do with. However, this was definitely for the best as I was able to have a great variety to choose from and ensure that this was reflected in my final piece. We used a Canon C300 and a Sony A7S to shoot in tandem from different angles, in slow motion and real time, to ensure that everything was captured during the shoot. The C300 would shoot individual directed shots, and the A7S was continuously rolling, this way we didn’t miss any of the golden moments you see in this piece.
The song was a big choice for the piece, it took me quite a while to find the right one as It was so clear in my head how I wanted the video to pan out pace-wise. Luckily I came across the 80s banger that is ‘Din Daa Daa’ and I was able to cut it into the perfect song for my piece. The upbeat nature made it a really fun piece to edit.

For the text, I wanted it to stand out and work with the piece and the overall scene because, in conjunction with the cast themselves, this is possibly the most important part of the message of the piece; highlighting the diversity and variety of the women in our industry. The gold Idea stemmed from the fact that the confetti in the piece was gold. When looking into this further, the connotations of the colour gold was everything that I wanted the piece to represent. For me though, it was so important that the gold represented actual gold. I worked long and hard with multiple tests to achieve the look that I have and I couldn’t be happier with it. Beginning in Photoshop and using layer styles, textures, and filters, I then moved the design into After Effects to bring it to life by adding a reflection and a glass texture.

Finally, the added extra of the particle graphics were also created in After Effects. The bokeh effect adds more value to the glitz and glamorous, celebratory nature of the piece. The simplicity in the design, I feel, accompanies the text and the subject perfectly.

Duration: 84

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