Cassandra Mendez / Compositing Reel 2017

Hi! I’m a freelance compositor. These are a selection of works from professional, personal and student projects. Enjoy!

:03 – :13. “Louie” – My senior thesis film at SVA. I lit the shot using Arnold, Adobe Photoshop to texture and Nuke for composite.
:14 – :17. “Maranatha – Heartbreak” – Commercial worked on at Hornet Inc. Nuke was used for compositing.
:17 – :19. “Maranatha – Heartbreak” – Nuke used for compositing.
:19 – :20. “Maranatha – Late Night Texting” – Second commercial for the nut butter brand. Nuke was used for compositing.
:20 – :25. “Amazon Prime Day – Pet Lovers” – Online commercial for Amazon, worked on at Hornet Inc. After Effects was used for compositing, etc.
:26 – :28. “Amazon Prime Day – Gamer” – Online commercial for Amazon that went worldwide. I translated the main cardboard text to 4 other languages. After Effects was used again.
:29 – :31. “Louie” – My student short film. I used Arnold to light the shot, Photoshop to texture and Nuke to composite.
:31 – :33. “Sunset” – I shot this at one of the Brooklyn Bridge Parks in DUMBO using a Blackmagic Pocket camera; a part of a student project. I used Nuke to composite in the mountain and taxi boat.
:34 – :40. “The Truck” – Student project at SVA. I shot the green screen footage of my friend and had her sit on a rollable chair so that she would be able to turn and match the turn of the car. Compositing was done in Nuke.
:41 – :45. “Penny” – I shot my friend by the water in NYC using a Blackmagic Production 4K Camera, for a student project. Nuke was used for compositing.
:47 – :54. “Louie” – My student short film. Arnold for lighting. Photoshop for texturing. Nuke for compositing.

Duration: 59

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