Carousel & Design Options | BigCommerce Tutorials

Use the BigCommerce Carousel Builder to showcase your brand, answer shopper’s common questions, communicate what you do and convert shoppers.
In this video we cover methods for crafting the perfect carousel slider image, adding social media links, uploading a logo and favicon.

Video Summary:

Introducing the BigCommerce Carousel (0:05)
3 Keys to the Carousel (0:20)
The Carousel Builder (0:50)
Finding Theme Image Dimensions (1:10)
Fixing Distorted Images (1:45)
Adding Images to the Carousel (2:00)
Adding a link in the Carousel (2:30)
Carousel Design Support (2:50)
Design Options: Social Media (2:55)
Design Options: Logo (3:20)
Design Options: Favicon (3:40)
Additional Support (4:05)

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Duration: 00:04:18