CapCut PC Tutorial for Beginner! (Become a PRO)

Here are 32 CapCut PC Tips that will transform you from a novice to a pro in no time. Designed for CapCut PC beginners to shorten their learning curve, this video offers a detailed guide o how to use CapCut PC or Mac.

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00:00 CapCut PC Tutorial
00:10 How to Cut Your Clips in CapCut PC
00:50 How to Add Text in CapCut PC
01:38 How to Add Animation to Text on CapCut PC
02:37 How to Add Overlay in CapCut
04:36 How to Change Video Dimensions in CapCut PC
05:41 How to Add Auto Captions
07:35 How to Speed Up Video in CapCut PC
07:46 How to Add Transitions in CapCut PC
08:33 How To Add Text Behind a Person
09:35 How to Crop Video in CapCut PC
10:33 How to Rotate Video in CapCut PC
11:15 How to Zoom in CapCut
15:59 How to Create Rewind Effect
17:59 How to Split Screen in CapCut
19:10 How to Add Music & Sound Effects in CapCut PC
20:26 How to do Voiceover in CapCut
20:56 How To Freeze Frame in CapCut PC
21:40 How to Remove Green Screen
22:06 How to Remove Background Without Green Screen
23:31 How to Add a Timer in CapCut
25:11 How to Track Motion in CapCut PC
26:49 How to Highlight Text in CapCut PC
29:25 How to do Picture in Picture Effect
31:01 How to Reverse a Video on CapCut
31:32 How to do Slow Motion in CapCut PC
34:09 How To Do Text to Speech on CapCut
35:30 How to Blur Face in CapCut PC
36:20 How to Blur Background in CapCut PC
37:33 How to Create Epic Fantasy Sky in CapCut
39:11 How to Add Titles Like a PRO in CapCut
43:49 How to Combine Clips in CapCut PC
44:46 How to Import Custom Fonts in CapCut PC

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