Candy cane ? Christmas Adobe Illustrator tutorial ? 2020 ?

In this video You will learn How to draw Candy cane for christmas design ?Using simple tools ❗ New Tutorial 2020
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In this Adobe Illustrator cs6 tutorial I’ll show you some smart techniques for making christmas candy cane. Final result is good for christmas icon, symbol or other design.

Time references to this illustrator cs6 tutorial:
00:18 Making a candy cane shape
01:50 How to make stripes on candy cane
05:18 Shading the candy cane

We will cover basics of Adobe Illustrator :
1. Basic shapes
2. Scissors
3. Pen tool
4. Stroke options
5. Transform effect
6. Pathfinder – divide, minus front

My illustrator christmas tutorial playlist:

This christmas illustrator tutorial guides you step by step “how to create vector candy cane” in adobe illustrator. This tutorial also guides how to use scissors and stroke options in illustrator. And also, how to use transform and pathfinder panel in adobe illustrator.

I’m using simple techniques to teach you how to make candy cane in illustrator . It is very easy illustrator christmas tutorial, after watching this video you will be able to make a candy lollipop in illustrator in very short time .

Try yourself to create candy cane for christmas.

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In this tutorial we learn how to make candy cane in Adobe Illustrator. I will be using Adobe Illustrator cs6. If you have an earlier or later version, it’s possible that you might see some little differences
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On this channel you will watch Adobe Illustrator cs6 tutorial. I’d like to teach you how to use illustrator by making in Illustrator 2020 year tutorials. I love to create new things and put then in Adobe illustrator tutorial. Every week I will try to publish new Illustrator tutorial.

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