Can You MASK Layer Styles & Effects In Photoshop 2022?

So you can add a mask to an normal layer in Adobe Photoshop to either cut-away or keep part of your image, but is it possible to add a mask to a layer style effect? Well, in this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create simple shapes, add layer style effects and turn off the default setting that prevents you from using masks on layer style effects!

Here’s how you can get Photoshop to select objects for you!
Or how do you use the Burn Tool in Adobe Photoshop?

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Rectangle Tool: U
Draw a regular shape: Hold Shift
Move Tool: V
Polygonal Lasso Tool: L
Brush Tool: B
Invert selections: Cmd + Shift + I… (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + I)

To add the ability to use masks on layer style effects in Adobe Photoshop, first open the Layer Style Options window for the layer you want to use. Then go to the tab that reads “Blending Options”. Finally, make sure there is a tick next to the option that says “Layer Mask Hides Effects”. Now your mask will work on the layer effects attributed to that layer!

Which do you prefer to use – layer masks or clipping masks?

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0:00 What are layer styles and layer effects?
0:52 How to add a stroke to a shape in Photoshop
2:43 How to enable layer mask hides effects

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