Call Out Titles in Premiere Pro

CREATE THESE CALL OUT TITLES IN PREMIERE AND USE THEM OVER AND OVER! | Learn to build a template call out title that you can customize and use for any project!

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00:49 Housekeeping
02:10 Start making shapes
04:43 Animate the first title
05:15 Talking about anchor points
06:27 Keyframes
07:27 Animating a mask
09:35 Duplicating animated objects
13:21 Offsetting the animation
14:14 Cross Dissolve Trick
15:39 Creating the “Dot”
19:05 Animating the “Dot”
21:14 Making the outer ring appear
22:04 Creating the tech arm
25:56 Adjusting the timing
28:51 Applying the call out title in a project
30:41 Dealing with multiple call out titles

In this Premiere Pro video editing tutorial, we will use shape objects and text to create a complex call out title in Premiere Pro and we will use keyframes and masks to create a nice animation that will build out the call out title as it is displayed in your video project.

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Duration: 00:34:05