Caffe Bar Snoopy Experiment

I have After Effects for 4 days now and this clip is made by it, among other programs such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro of course. I never opened AE by myself until 4 days ago and this is what came up after Ive been doing some things with it.

Its about my favorite caffe bar that I used to work in and about people that are regular guests there.

First part is a regular slideshow. I used images from various events that took place there such as theme parties and regular weekends.

In the second part Ive tried to do something just with cropped images (done in photoshop), text and sound. I did a Video game that consists of “drinking fight” between the owner and one former waiter of caffe Snoopy.

I am sorry its in croatian, but it was made for Dado (owner and my former boss) and for the people that are spending so much time at this special place (where everybody knows your name… :-))

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