C4D Tutorial – Add Animated CGI Dominoes to Real Video Footage [Redshift & After Effects]

In this #c4d #redshift tutorial we are going to be compositing falling dominoes into real video footage.

The footage can be downloaded here as an image sequence:

The dominoes models can be downloaded here:

We will learn how to slightly increase the size of each of the dominoes sequentially so that we can have a small dominoe at the start and a huge one at the end.

We will also be using Pyro to create a burst of dust when the last dominoe hits the ground.

Once we have everything set up we will be using the Redshift Object tag to make our CGI blend in with our video footage along with setting up the lighting and making some tweaks to the Dominoes Redshift materials to add a bit more to the realism and believability.

Finally we will be rendering everything out and bringing it all into After Effects to add the finishing touches.

For those of you who want to follow along with the final step you can download a fully rendered sequence here:


0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:38 – Camera Tracking in After Effects
0:04:37 – Setting up in Cinema 4D
0:09:15 – Setting up the Dominoes
0:27:26 – Adding Dynamics
0:34:55 – Fix for Dominoes falling correctly
0:41:26 – Lighting & Compositing
0:49:35 – Adding Dust on Impact with Pyro
1:08:03 – Setting up Render
1:13:27 – After Effects Finishing Touches


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