Building Resilience: 3D to AR using Adobe Dimension & Aero

‘Building Resilience’ is a typography project, commissioned as a part of my Adobe Residency, that hopes to encourage others to build resilience in this ever-changing world and to never give up. I believe pieces like these could inspire others to preserve on as it is relevant during these uncertain times.

These 3D Typography artworks are made in Adobe Dimension and transformed into Augmented Reality (AR) with Adobe Aero iOS app.

Here are the links if you’d like to experience it from the Adobe Aero app:
Building Resilience:
Try one more time:
Change your story:
Never Settle:
Just Show Up:
Smooth Seas:
Dance in the rain:
Wounds into wisdom:
Stand up 8:

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Music Credits: On The Wings Of Love by Valentina Gribanova

Duration: 00:06:31