Build Our Machine [Kinetic Typography]

Audio: Build Our Machine by DAGames
Software: Adobe After Effects CC | Adobe Flash Professional CC |Adobe Illustrator CC | Adobe Photoshop CC
Production Time: 3 weeks

Details of Production: Originally sketching out blotchy text fonts on paper, I captured them on my phone and live-traced them in Illustrator, surprisingly giving them an even more inky effect. I proceeded to do this with all the text in the chorus. In the meantime, I would sketch out some death scenes and torture devices to overlay as shadows for the chorus. I drew these out in Photoshop. Bringing these together in After Effects, I composed a 3D environment of walls and floors from 2D images, and overlayed the ink text, shadows, and additional splatter effects. I used a lot of ink bleed transitions to make the ink feel realer. On top of it all, I added additional twitch effects, noise and grain, and particles to make the film seem older. I animated the final bendy animation in Flash and used color correction and texture overlays to make him match the style of the video.

Duration: 78

Likes: 1