BotaBox Nutcracker Holiday Facebook Gift Video

This was a video I created as part of a BotaBox holiday Facebook app as creative director for word of mouth agency Affinitive ( Sorry, no link to the app – the app was part of a holiday campaign that is no longer live.

This short video let me test the capabilities and limitations of Photoshop’s video functionality. It’s no Adobe Effects or Apple Motion of course, but for folks like me who spend most of their waking hours inside Photoshop and want a quick, simple, short motion graphics animation it’s something to consider. I like the familiar environment for handling text as compared to the other apps, for example.

The major drawback is that there are very limited properties that you can set keyframes to: just the basics like position, opacity and the layer properties (drop shadow, stroke, etc). The biggest missing core property that can be animated directly via property keyframes is scale. That alone makes its usefulness EXTREMELY limited and may mean, even for small videos, you might want to crack open Motion or After Effects.

My two cents for folks who haven’t tried it out.

Duration: 30

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