Body Beautiful – Show Open KRON4

DESCRIPTION: Show open for KRON4’s Body Beautiful.

PROGRAMS: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop.

CONTRIBUTION: I performed all animation for this piece in After Effects. With this animation I was aiming to be less edgy than my previous works, and to slow the animations down to a more relaxing pace. The photographs of the women were provided by a KRON4 Photographer with a specialty for beauty shots. I masked out the individual photographs in Photoshop and imported them into AE. I animated the shadows on the woman’s bodies using the After Effects paint brush. The bright glowing strokes are motion paths applied to a masked solid and glow filter added. The text is following drawn motion paths with an overlay mode. I designed the text in the final shot as a vector graphic so I could bend the paths to the body shape.

Duration: 32

Likes: 1