Blizzard F***ed up… Quit while u can or become a Paladin

Blizzard made PvP unplayable…. Fk this overwatch 2 videos here I come at least I don’t have to deal with this anymore…..


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About The Lab Gaming Channel
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Today we dive into the brand new expansion of world of warcraft Dragonflight beginning our journey as the new class Evoker as a Dracthyr. This series will be weekly until we reach level 70 and are able to begin playing some battlegrounds and arena with this new awesome class

Need to add them soon


*What Is This Series About*

Here we play through World of Warcraft Dragonflight as the new Evoker Class and Dracthyr Race. Our Journey to level 70 has begun.

Bi-Weekly episodes

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This Series includes:

• World Of Warcraft
• World Of Warcraft Affliction Warlock
• Arena
• 1v2
• Myself
• Fails
• RNG Hates me
• PvP
• PvE


*About Me*

• University Student
• Study Games Design and Production
• 3rd Year of University
• I have started multiple business ventures, on YouTube and created stores on Etsy. I am slowly expanding where I create designs for mugs and other items.
• I am aiming to grow this little community as I try to aspire to create a large company in my industry, and then branch out to other industries to create a company that can give back and make a difference. Along the way, I want to help others do the same in getting their own routes started. Whether that be starting with basic design and coding tutorials to eventually explain business and selling to your market.


*What I Do*

• Photoshop
• C# Unity Programming
• Unity Game Development
• Level Design
• Using Code To Make Level Design Easier
• Blender
• Other 3D Design Software Such As 3DS Max, Maya and Mud box
• InDesign, Premiere Pro and a few other Adobe CC Items

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*About MrSMCDesigns*

• I hope to grow my business’s merchandise for a wide range of eyes. This store will focus on either YouTube Related Merch or Merch for Birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays. I Hope to grow this drastically this year. So if *You* have any ideas or inspirations for the shop *Let me know in the comments*


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About Me

I am a University Student, hoping to help people who also want to get into this industry as a hobby or even as a profession. I am currently studying Games Design and Production as I aspire to be a Technical Artist, if you aren’t familiar with that term it is the person who deals with both the coding and the design side of games.

In my multiple series I hope to inspire people to create their own games, and create a community along side me as I try to create my own businesses as well as games and leave tips, tricks and tutorials along the way.

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