Better DUAL LIGHTING Effect In Photoshop [Total Control]

Learn to create the Dual Lighting effect in Photoshop using techniques that will give you total control over your image!

The Dual Lighting effect can help turn your portraits into beautiful dramatic photos.

I think that you’re really going to enjoy this effect!

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? INDEX – Dual Lighting Effect in Photoshop!

00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – Working with Gradient Maps
05:07 – Apply the Gradient Map Just to the Main Subject
07:28 – Apply The Second Gradient Map
08:14 – The Benefits of Applying the Color Blending Mode
08:47 – Selectively Apply The Secondary Light
09:53 – Tablet Pressure Sensitivity
11:10 – Painting The Secondary Light
12:18 – Advantages of Painting with a Layer Mask on a Group
12:40 – Control the Brightness of the Effect with Levels
14:12 – Adjust the Hue and Saturation
15:15 – Colorize the Background
15:47 – Invert a and Duplicate a Mask
16:38 – Change The Background’s Brightness
17:03 – Final Thoughts


Trick To Change SPECIFIC Colors in Photoshop!

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