Benn TK Masking Title Zoom in Transition in Premiere Pro

In the last tutorial of Benn TK, I shared how you can zoom in through the text using the track camera inside After Effects. In this tutorial, I’ll do the same transition in Premiere Pro when you’ve no camera tracking option.

First of all, we take the type tool and type our title like India. Then double-click on it to enable editing mode. In the effect controls, we’ve some options for editing the text, like font, style, color, and others. Ok, scroll down to increase the text’s size. We’ll increase the scale of the text maximum inside the frame. Otherwise, we may face some issues when trying to increase the title’s size in the transform effect.

Apply drop shadow effect to the text layer on the timeline to make it like 3D. Let’s go to drop shadow inside the effect controls. Now we adjust the distance, make it around 12, softness 5, and opacity to the maximum.

Again, go to the effects and search for the transform effect apply it to the text. We can move the time indicator to the right around four seconds from the beginning frame. Go to the transform effect and create two keyframes of scale and position. Now, let’s go to the first frame and set two keyframes of scale and position. Now we have to decrease the scale’s value and adjust the position of the text. Then go to the last keyframe. Increase the size of the scale and adjust the position until it goes out of the frame.

To make title animation slow at the beginning, expand the position and the scale, then ease out for the beginning keyframes and ease in for the ending keyframes. Select those influence handles and drag them straight to the right. So it’s time for the masking; we can select the pen tool under opacity in the effect controls. We have to complete the masking. And you can see the second video inside the masking.

Benn TK 3D Text Zoom in Transition in After Effects

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