Beginners Blender 3D: Tutorial 9 – Working with 3D Text (2.78 HD Update)

How to create simple 3D text and colour it using Blender 2.78.

1. In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how to create 3D text in Blender.
2. First off, open a new Blender project and delete the default cube by pressing ‘x’.
3. Add text to your project by pressing ‘Shift+A’ or using the ‘Add’ drop-down menu in the info panel at the top of the interface.
4. New text is always added as a flat 2 dimensional object at first.
5. Press ‘7’ and then ‘5’ on the number pad to view the text from top view orthographic.
6. Press Tab to enter edit mode on the text (ensuring that it is selected first.)
7. Use the delete or backspace key to remove the word ‘text’ and then type ‘3D Typography’ or any other words you would like to try out for your first test of Blender’s 3D type tools.
8. Press Tab again to get back to Object mode
9. The text is currently 2D. To make it 3D, we need to make some changes in the properties tab
10. The properties panel always changes, depending on what object you have selected.
11. If you have a camera selected, the properties panel will show options specifically related to the camera. If you have a lamp selected, it will show options to change the lamp properties.
12. Likewise, when you have text selected, the properties panel gives you text property options.
13. Click on the ‘Text’ tab in the properties panel to start making changes
14. Under the ‘Geometry’ heading, increase the extrude slider to about 0.15 to create 3D text.
15. Increase the amount of ‘bevel’ or ‘offset’ to blend the edges of the text more smoothly.
16. Increase the ‘resolution’ to increase the quality and smoothness of the blending even more
17. Experiment with the ‘Depth’ slider to make the text look chunkier but be careful of letters overlapping on top of one another if you increase the depth too much.
18. Under the ‘font’ heading, click the folder icon and navigate to the font you wish to use on your computer’s hardrive. On a Mac, your fonts will usually be located under ‘System-Library-Fonts’. On a PC, they will usually be on your ‘C’ Drive under ‘Windows-Fonts’. You can download and use countless high quality fonts for free from
19. You can add and manipulate in Blender any font that you have installed on your computer.
20. Materials and colours can be added to text in the same way as other objects. For example, select your text and open the Materials tab. Change the colour to blue and the text is blue.
21. Under the ‘Paragraph’ heading, you have complete control over the typographic elements of your 3D text, such as adjusting the character spacing, the word spacing and the line spacing.
22. This has been a brief introduction to getting started with 3D typography in Blender.

Duration: 00:04:11