Bea González .Photoshop Painting process. Light flower

Photoshop Painting process. Initially was going to be an hour image , but during the process I decided to extend the working time a bit more …. 3 more hours.. xD
The real time of this is around 4 hours and 20 minutes, but I put the video in High speed to make it faster 😀

I have to say that I don’t usually work like this on elaborated illustrations. Normaly I started with an hand-sketched scanned line art, and adding the colors directly from the beggining, not with grayscale shading. But this was an exception cause like I previously said, It was going to be an speedpainting, and I usually I made the speeds like this.

You can see the final image here :

Photoshop cs5
Video Edition : Camtasia 7.0

Music: “Lady Magdalen”, “saltarno” , “Amica Mea” and ” Interlude I” from Not a second time, Ophelias Dream

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