Battle at the Feud

This animation is a final project for DTC 335: Digital Animation at Washington State University. The purpose of this animation is to take our skills learned throughout the semester and create a 1-1:30 minute story.
This animation was created with Maya 2017 and the sound effects were all taken off of I modeled all the individual chess pieces. Besides the Maya preset textures, all other textures were created in Photoshop by me. These are the logos and answers to questions. For the subtitles I used Adobe After Effects to put a layer of text to fade in and out on top of the scene. Then I exported it out and into Adobe Premiere, where I was able to finalize my sound. In the beginning I had some rendering issues, and hopefully one day I can render the animation with a better image quality.
The scene is set up like a typical Family Feud style game show but this time it is a Game of Thrones edition. The Targaryen’s and Lannister’s are deciding to battle it out a different way. The design and sound is meant to be fun but still realistic to a game show. I do wish I had a bit more time to space out the animation, but I wanted to make sure I was able to showcase a bit of both families. This is a feud after all.
Overall, I am happy with how the video turned out. I hope everyone gets a laugh out of it. My goal was to have it be silly and fun, I believe I was able to accomplish that.

**Disclaimer: This project was made for educational purposes. I have no rights to Game of Thrones or Family Feud.**

Duration: 90

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