Barbie Takes on the City

Throughout this project I utilized Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Audition and Photoshop. After some pondering I was inspired by the ever classic “Throwback Thursday” and “Flashback Friday.” I took a trip back to my childhood and dug out my Barbie dolls to create a stop motion video. In keeping with this theme I tried to stage the dolls in situations that reflected the lyrics of Barbie Girl by Aqua. Before shooting the stop motion video I did some research online to optimize the results. I made note of taking at least 15 frames prior to animating the dolls and 15 frames afterwords to ensure more seamless scene changes. I imported the video footage into After Effects as a JPEGsequence. With Illustrator I kept flat design in mind as I created vectors and drew the Volkswagen Bug. I found that the polaroid was easier to animate as it consisted of setting key frames and ensuring to import the file to retain the layers. As I dove into the map graphic I tried to keep the theme of going on an adventure, I used text to say Barbie Takes On The City to illustrate their journey from home to Toronto. In creating the map graphic I utilized the split into grid function. The animation process involved me cutting and extending layers, setting key frames, adding two light sources to the graphic, switching views, moving anchor points, downloading scripts to help animate the graphic i.e Ease and Wizz and Move Anchor Points, and rotating the various planes. I then used Audition to fade and cut the track and moved the audio in After Effects so that it lined up with the vector animations and the scenes I shot.. I found the completion of the assignment gratifying.

Duration: 35

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