Back to Basics – Power Up Your Pen Tool with InkScribe!

It’s webinar time and this week we are going back to basics and visiting a tool that’s been around for 8 years, InkScribe. If you use the native Pen Tool, either as a beginner or a master, and you’ve not discovered InkScribe, then you are going to enjoy what you are about to see!

InkScribe takes the basic Pen Tool to a whole new level. It seamlessly integrates into Adobe Illustrator like all our other tools, and even sits right in the Pen Tool toolbar stack. InkScribe gives you added control, precision and speed. Plus, it’s very easy to learn, not forcing you to recite essential key presses.

Join Dave Clayton (Training Manager) as he demonstrates InkScribe with examples of how to take your vector drawing skills to new heights with some added examples from fellow designers who rely use our tools daily.

Nicholas van der Walle (CEO & Founder) will also join the webinar and demo some cool features to make you go “Wow!”. Plus, there may be a unique preview of a new feature concept. It’s all about working smarter, saving time and being more creative!

Duration: 01:15:56