AWESOME Polyscape Tutorial | Photoshop | [Quick and Easy] [HD]

AWESOME Polyscape | Photoshop Tutorial | [Quick and Easy] [HD]
Learn how to create a clean and professional looking polyscape image. This is a tutorial that anyone can do and requires no to little photoshop experience.
-Text Instructions-
Step 1: Create a new file, name it, and size it (1920 x 1080 is standard)
Step 2: Place both your images by going to file, place, and select your images. Make sure you size them accordingly before moving on with the next steps.
Step 3: Hide your images, and create a new layer. Then, make your shapes by going to either of the shapes tool (I used the rectangle tool).
Step 4: If you want, continue to make more shapes or sub shapes to your liking (I used a sub shape of my main shape and rotated it 45 degrees).
Step 5: Now, once you are down with your shapes, go ahead and move all your shapes to one group.
Step 6: Move the image you want to mask onto your shape above your group with the shapes in them and right click on your image that you would like to mask and click “create new mask”.
Step 7: Now adjust your images for contrast, color, etc.
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Duration: 00:08:36