Avoid 3 Mistakes in Skin Retouching – Photoshop Tutorial

In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn to avoid Mixer Brush, Frequency Separation, and Dodge And Burn with 50% Grey in Skin Retouching. This is better to Micro Dodge and Burn for super professional skin retouching skills

Photoshop Micro Dodge and Burn Techniques Video

In this tutorial first, you need to understand the important things in skin retouching follow this article for a complete guide to skin smoothening and retouching.

After under the concept of skin retouching tries to avoid direct mixer brush on the skin. which eliminates the skin texture and creates a plastic effect on the skin. so avoid mixer brush in skin retouching. secondly, avoid frequency separation for professional beauty retouching because it eliminates the shadow and highlights on the face, moreover it mix up the different color on the face using retouching. 3rd step it to avoid the dodge burn with 50% grey and blending mode. always use curve tool to dodge and burn the skin.

3 types of Dodge and Burn Article

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