ARTIS212: Illustrator Tutorial Video 2:More Drawing Tools, Image Hierarchy

Second Video in series. Ellipse, Line Segment, image hierarchy, Eyedropper tool.

Introduction: 00:00

Using the Ellipse tool: 01:26

Arrange/Layers Panel/Image Hierarchy Intro: 03:55

Layers Panel: 06:26

How Groups function in Layer Panel 09:57

Line Segment tool: 13:17

Copying Artwork Form One File into Another 15:36

Creating a New Layer 16:52

How to Select which layer you wish to alter 18:23

Drawing the face using the Ellipse tool: 19:03

Using the Reflect tool to copy and paste 23:44

Coloring the face 26:24

Cloning Fill and Stroke from one shape to another with the Eyedropper Tool 29:07

Arranging the Facial features in the Image Hierarchy 32:40

Transforming facial features 35:04

Move Mouth and Nose by Nudging 38:50

Setting Position of Object Numerically 40:25

Drawing the Lip Seam with the Line Segment Tool 41:49

Make Background Layer Visible 42:43

Duration: 00:44:00

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