ARTIS212: Illustrator Tutorial Video 1:Rectangle, Transforms, Groups, Opacity, Fill and Stroke

Design a simple geometric background while learning basic Illustrator skills and concepts: Rectangle tool, transforms, groups, opacity, blend modes, and fill and stroke basics.

Create a new file with correct dimensions 01:13

General Layout of Illustrator window: 04:31

Drawing a Rectangle, Basic: 07:18

Changing Fill and Stroke Color: 9:58

Drawing a Rectangle, Intermediate 11:12

Using the Selection Tool 13:02

Creating the Background 17:11

Copying Pasting, selecting 19:17

Turning the stroke off and recoloring squares: 22:26

Creating a group: 24:34

Paste in Front: 25:47

Rotate Group: 26:45

Scale Object Uniformly Around Center: 27:36

Blend Modes and Opacity 28:47

Copy, Paste, Rotate Inner Square 31:26

Nested Groups, Duplicating Completed Square 32:51

Saving your work 34:06

Duration: 00:35:48

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