ARTIS212: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Video 6: Pen, Pencil, Shape Builder

In this tutorial we will give the monkey a body using the pen tool, pencil tool (a means of freehand drawing in Illustrator) and the shape builder tool, which is another means of quickly creating shapes from the intersections of other shapes.

Group All Shapes that Comprise Monkey’s Head: 00:14
Pen Tool: Drawing the Torso: 01:37
Pencil Tool: Drawing the Arms: 05:37
Reflect: Copy and Reflect Arm: 10:14
Pencil Tool: Draw Foot: 11:12
Shape Builder Tool: Draw Belly Patch: 15:25
ShapeBuilder + Pencil: Two-Part Leg: 21:11
Eyedropper: Apply Head Appearance to Body: 23:29
ReArrange Image Hierarchy: 25:05

Duration: 00:28:17

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