ARTIS212: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Video 5: Appearance Panel, Patterns, Brushes

In this Tutorial we will cover the Appearance Panel which allows us to layer several different fills and strokes on one object, Take a look at extant Pattern libraries, and brushes.

We will also look at how to simulate a hand drawn appearance, or customize the appearance of a stroke through the use of the wrinkle tool and the width tool.

NOTE: Sometimes the Eyedropper tool does not transfer the entire appearance by default. To change the eyedropper options double-click on the eyedropper icon. In the window that pops up check mark the word Appearance in both columns and hit OK and it will work!


General Appearance Panel Features: 00:21
Adjusting Fill and Stroke Opacity Independently: 02:26
Adjusting Fill and Stroke Settings In Panel: 04:07
Adding Stoke and Fill Layers: 04:51
Using Patterns: 10:05
Adjusting Pattern Opacity And Blend Mode: 13:24
Adding Gradient Fill Layer: 14:50
The Most Annoying Thing About Illustrator: 19:28
Copy Appearance to Nose and Ears: 21:25
Using the Wrinkle Tool: Setting Options: 36:56
Using the Wrinkle Tool: Wrinkling: 42:57
Using the Bloat Tool: Bloating: 47:18
Customizing Stroke Width with Width Tool: 48:01

Duration: 00:49:25

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