Apple Final Cut Pro X: 3D Text Effects – Larry Jordan PowerUp #245

[This is an excerpt from a recent on-line video webinar: “Text Effects in Apple Final Cut Pro X” which is available as a download in our store, or as part of our Video Training Library.]

We use text to explain something to an audience that they can’t easily get any other way. However, just because it’s text doesn’t mean it can’t look arresting. Animated, interesting-looking text is increasingly important – especially for social media. In this session, you’ll learn new techniques that you can put to work immediately in your projects to catch and hold the eye of the audience.

Join Larry Jordan as he explores text, text effects and blend modes in Final Cut Pro X. This session covers:

What attracts the eye?
– How different fonts convey different emotions
– How to format text
– How to create a variety of text effects
– How to apply blend modes to change text texture


This is an introductory-level session, though some knowledge of Final Cut Pro X will be helpful. This training is delivered as a single QuickTime movie.


– The “Basic Premise” of using text
– Agenda
– The Secret Rule of text effects
What Attracts the Eye
– Controlling the eye is important
– 6 Priorities to attract the eye
Font Categories and Emotions
– Serif font examples
– Serif font emotions
– Sans Serif font examples
– Sans Serif emotions
– Script font examples
– Script font emotions
– Specialty font examples
– Text and the Audience
– Format 2D text
– Hidden text keyboard shortcuts
– Action/Title Safe Zones
– Text formatting options
– 2D drop shadow settings
– Format 3D text
– Text style presets
– Adjust text with 3D controls
– 3D drop shadow settings
– Format 360° VR text
– Animate 2D text
– Animate 3D text
– Animate 360° VR text
Blend Modes
– Definition
– Screen
– Overlay/Soft Light
– Multiply
– Difference
– Stencil/Silhouette Alpha

Are you looking to add some zing to your video project’s text cards and credits? Then this session is for you.

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Duration: 00:07:21