Demo Breakdown:

Clip 1 (PicWall):
41 photos from various capture sources were color corrected, styled, cropped, and scaled to uniformity to create the wall in Photoshop. Animation of the wall and the light sweep effect was created in After Effects. A royalty free background was used behind the wall for depth.

Clip 2 (Logo Wheel):
10 company logos were prepared in Photoshop by removing their matted backgrounds, adding an alpha channel, then cropping and scaling to uniformity. Using 3D space in After Effects, I built a circular motion path to animate the logos with a slight axis tilt toward the camera view. Depth of field, highlights, light wash, and the gridded floor/background animation were also created in After Effects to add perspective and depth.

Clip 3 (Chroma Key):
I used an outtake clip (for demo purposes only) recorded on green screen. I keyed and adjusted the matte and color corrected the talent. I assembled a montage of royalty free background replaced by a grey background (for better view of artifacts in the alpha channel) which is again replaced by the original background. An additional royalty free motion element was composited to demonstrate layering and compositing ability.

Clip 4 (Joy In Our Town Show intro)
A royalty free motion background was used as the inspiration and foundation of this animation. In Photoshop I custom matted royalty free photos and video clips to match the shapes of the original motion plates. Topical text and the show Logo were also created in Photoshop.
In After Effects: the motion plates were tracked. The matted images were animated along the motion path and composited onto the plates. The topical text was added to the background image and also motion matched to the plates. The show Logo was animated and given a light sweep for musical punctuation. Finally, an alpha channel was created to peek through the final plate, giving a view through the animation and into the studio. This sequence was used on air by WTCE Public Affairs from 2008 โ€“ 2009.

Clip 5 (Inside St. Lucie Show intro)
In Photoshop: original photos were color corrected, styled, and cropped. Topical text, shape elements, and the show Logo were also styled and created.
In After Effects: the photos were further stylized and animated across a royalty free background which I blurred and re-styled. Visual elements, topical text, and the show Logo were also animated. The opening sequence seamlessly rolls into a motion plasma display for use during the show. This sequence was used on air by SLCTV in 2005.

Clip 6 (Cemex, Inc. – Safety & Training)
I matted and animated 3 original video clips in Adobe Premiere as well as the company logo orb. The geared motion background and music are royalty free. I used Nat Sound of the machinery to create an identifiable and custom viewing experience for this companyโ€™s safety and training videos.

Duration: 114

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