Animating in Photoshop with the Animdessin2 extension

This terrific toolset will help your Photoshop animation fly! This is a free extension by Stéphane Baril that optimises the Photoshop workspace for animation. Enjoy!

Download the cheat sheet here:

You can see more of Stéphane Baril’s work and links to more video tutorials at

Once you’ve conquered AnimDessin2 you should check out how to colour your work using AnimCouleur2 and Stéphane has a great vimeo tutorial for using that extension here

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Extensions
1:45 Setting up your workspace
2:50 Creating a new animation document
3:25 How Animdessin hotkeys work
4:03 Importing a guide layer and setting up your layers
5:13 Animating (straight ahead method)
7:13 Enabling timeline shortcut keys
7:25 Trimming layers and adjusting the work area
8:26 Navigating layers when animating
11:07 Keyframe animation – inserting in-between frames
12:54 Adjusting the workspace and adding comments
13:14 Using colour coding for different drawing types
13:37 Extending or reducing frame duration
14:20 Duplicating or deleting frames or layers
14:41 Animdessin2 is awesome and you should use it!
15:07 Can’t remember all of this? Use the cheat sheet!

Duration: 927

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