Animating in Photoshop Tutorial

Time Codes:
1. Intro to Keyboard Shortcuts: 1:00
2. Frame-by-Frame Animation: 2:30
3. Exporting Graphic Interchange Format (GIFS): 9:56

Useful Hotkeys:
Ctrl+L, Enter: New Layer
Shift+Click Layers/ Frames: Selects multiple Layers/ Frames
Delete: Deletes selected Layer
B: Brush
D: Set Foreground Color to Black, Background Color to White
E: Eraser
Ctrl+T: Transform Layer
Ctrl+Click & Drag Anchor Point: Warps Transform
V: Move tool
Spacebar+Click & Drag: Move Canvass
Alt+Mousewheel: Zoom In/ Zoom Out
Spacebar: Play Animation
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S: Save for Web and Devices

Onion Skinning: Making frames transparent then projecting them on top of each other
Tweening: Drawing transitioning frames in between one frame to another.


Music: Duality Guitar Idea by Austin Lutter

Duration: 00:11:06