Animating an Exploded Axonometric Diagram with After Effects

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More and more an architect’s work is being published digitally. Social media plays a major role in how we express ourselves professionally. The medium has changed, we moved from a place where our portfolios needed to be a physical thing to now being totally digital.
So why haven’t we changed the format?
We’re still creating the same type of images, and publishing a portfolio online as if it was printed. Digital portfolios give you such an amount of freedom creatively that I feel we’re not taking full advantage of that. Why have only static images, if you can combine subtle movements to add interest in your work?
So today, in this video, I’m going to show you how to create an exploded axonometric animation in After effects!

NOTE: Animations don’t always fit in a professional portfolio! But you shouldn’t be limited to static images when expressing yourself on Instagram, Behance and other social media platforms.
For me, the best way to go is to mix a bit of subtle movement in a full static page. Just a pinch of awesomeness here and there. Just don’t overdo it!
Static images are easier to read, obviously. So take that into account.

Let’s chat over the comments section, what do you think?

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*keep in mind that this video is really old!

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